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About Our Services

Family Services and Café Church

Most of our churches hold a family orientated service once a month. These services are aimed at the whole church family and we try to include something that will engage everyone, no matter what age they are! These services also contain worship which is more contemporary in nature. A typical service will include 3-4 songs, a story, an activity, a short talk and an opportunity for prayer.


At St Peter’s Stoke On Tern, St Oswald’s Hinstock and St Swithun's Cheswardine, our Family Services take the form of Café Church, where we sit around tables and enjoy tea and cakes whilst we have our service. At our other churches, light refreshments are served at the end of the service.


At St Luke’s Sambrook, our Village Service is our family orientated service.

At St Mary's Hales, we have irregular family services at seasonal times of the year.

Please Note: Children will be warmly welcomed at all our services, although our Family/Café Church services are specifically designed to be more relevant to those of a younger age.

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Holy Communion

Our Holy Communion services follow the Church of England’s Common Worship liturgy for Holy Communion. A typical service will include 4 traditional hymns, Bible readings, a sermon, prayers and an opportunity to receive communion (bread and wine).


For more information about the significance of communion please see:

If you would prefer not to receive communion, you are still welcome to receive a blessing from the altar. Please carry with you your order of service to the altar. This will indicate to the minster that you wish to receive a blessing.


Family Communion

This service is very similar to Holy Communion; but the liturgy used is simplified to allow children to participate in the significance of communion. The sermon will also be aimed more towards the whole church family.


Sung Communion

This service is identical to Holy Communion, but many of our responses in the service are sung, rather than spoken.


BCP Communion

A similar service to Holy Communion, but the liturgy used is more traditional in language from the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer, first published in 1549.

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Morning Worship

A simple morning prayer service with traditional hymns, a bible reading, a sermon and prayers.


A very traditional evening prayer service from the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer, first published in 1549.


Benefice Service

Sometimes when there are major events in our benefice, or if there is a 5th Sunday in the month, we have a Benefice Service where all our six churches come together at one church building. Our Benefice Services vary in terms of style of worship, but we always try to ensure that there is something within them to engage the whole church family.

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