May 2020 - Prayer Points For Sambrook

This month in our online benefice services we will be praying for the community in Sambrook:

We remember the residents and staff at Sambrook Residential Home. We pray that they will remain safe and free from the effects of the coronavirus and that their families might feel reassured about their welfare.

We are thankful for the Sambrook Support Group and pray the work will continue to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in the parish.

We also remember the many key workers living in our community.

In these uncertain times we pray for those who are anxious about their families and friends, their jobs, their health and relationships that may be under strain.

We pray for families as children have to be home-schooled and we remember all those who are lonely, sick or in need of loving care as they struggle with the effects of having to remain in their homes.

Let us be thankful for those who try to help others in a time of crisis and pray that troubled times lead us to show more love and understanding to one another as the lock-down continues.

We ask for God’s blessing in these uncertain times.

Team Rector:

Rev Becky Richards

01630 661204  

Team Vicar:

Rev Christine Simpson

01630 638794

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