Half Term Messy Church At Hinstock

St. Oswald's Hinstock recently ran their Messy Church event during half term! This is what they got up to:

Theme – Harvest festival


- Making Crafts relating to the autumn season.

- Making fruit salad.

- Making Pizza.

- Listening to the ‘Stone Soup’ story, highlighting that sharing brings us closer to God.


The activity was based on the ‘Messy church values’ where sixteen children, with the aid of parents and the Church community, were guided to be creative using many seasonal craft activities. The theme reflected that God provides all we need to live a full life and experience his continued love to one another.

The ‘stone soup’ story was narrated in a way to give an understanding that God provides not just physical nourishment but spiritual growth to further enhance human values. Sharing together is what brings us closer together as a community and thus closer to God. Some people are blessed with more than enough necessities in life, to be able to maintain a certain standard of living and thus lead a comfortable existence. Others live on the margins and would welcome the ‘sharing out’ of the excess as seen in the ‘Foodbank’ charitable organisation, who give out food to those in need.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the session, creating plenty of ‘Mess’ and having loads of fun on the way.

God provides everything we need to exist, but being together as a community, sharing food and spiritual nourishment will bring us all closer to God though our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen